Delivery Security Jonas februari 16, 2024

MB Fleetboard – Uptime 24/7

With MB FleetBoard and MB Uptime, we make our fleet operate more efficiently, with greater delivery reliability, and in a more environmentally friendly manner. Through real-time information, we always have an optimal overview of our fleet. With WLX’s intelligent network of drivers, vehicles, and transports, we avoid sudden breakdowns. Thanks to this tool, we can carry out your transports on time, which is our focus!

Reliability in long-distance traffic. Gives us an even greater advantage.

WLX proudly operates with Mercedes Benz Actros, which is optimally designed for long-distance and heavy distribution traffic to function smoothly even under extreme conditions.

As your partner, we want to help you manage your daily transport assignments as efficiently as possible. Our fleet is robust with well-tested components and features that are adapted to the topography and climate where the truck will be used.

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