Enviroment Jonas februari 16, 2024

WeLink Express - Enviroment

Environmental thinking is at the core of WeLink Express. We develop and modernize our transports and fleet through alternative fuels and Electric-powered transports. Our goal is to become the fossil-free transporter.

We strive to reduce environmental impact and emissions, through optimized transports.

Environmental Policy

WLX actively works to maintain the highest environmental profile!

  • To minimize CO2 emissions, we use the fossil-free fuel HVO100.
  • Limit the environmental impact of our operations at all levels.
  • Continuously develop improvements and work preventatively.
  • Comply with legislation, regulatory requirements, and other obligations.
  • Prioritize suppliers and partners who have an environmentally conscious operation.
  • Encourage employees’ environmental awareness and to take active environmental responsibility.
  • Invest in electric alternatives

HCT Transports – EcoCombi XL

WLX has previously participated in several future-developing transport projects.

Results from Duo2 transports:

”The goal of reduced emissions has been achieved. The transport project has shown a reduction of 27% in both CO2 and fuel per transported quantity of goods. This occurs without any negative impact on traffic safety, vehicles, or infrastructure. Furthermore, the logistics work excellently as the vehicle concept is based on existing transport units, so-called modules.” Source (www.skogsforsk.se)

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